Adjustment shims Jicey manufactures the widest range of adjustment shims
and is one of the leading specialist in shiming since 1946.
The reference in peelable shims Jicey's flagship product, the peelable shim, is tailor-made for
high accuracy adjustment, to your drawing, dimensions and specifications
The most complete range of adjustment shims From laminated peelable shims to solid shims, Jicey provides
the perfect shiming answer for your adjustment needs
The aeronautics' choice ISO 9001 - AS/EN9100, Jicey is the preferred partner for the aeronautics industry.
Supplier of the industry's major players


Jicey is a specialist in the techniques of transformation of thin and ultra-thin laminated materials, and our production lines use all the modern means of machining and cutting out, which enable the manufacture of thin flat parts in many materials..
Jicey is equipped with a range of conventional and digitally controlled machines. Our own cutting out tools are assisted by mechanical or hydraulic presses, some automatic and some not, and we include cutting out techniques by laser, water jet or electro-erosion when working with our partners.


Jicey is always innovating and bringing to its adjustment products new patented processes, new materials and unequalled quality in order to provide you with an increasingly high level of satisfaction.
The laminated materials used for the composition of peelable shims are at the core of our technology. Our laboratory develops the glues that are used for our products line. Gluing is carried out continuously in layers of negligible thickness by means of a specific process, developed by Jicey, to ensure perfect parallelism of the finished parts.

Jicey's peelable shim

  • A high-tech and
    complex product

    Consisting of a stack of basic metal leaves joined together by gluing over their whole surface, they form a laminated assembly of compact appearance consisting of a number of metal leaves. Each basic leaf may be peeled off very easily.

  •   An ingenious and
      cost-saving process

    Using peelable shims avoids the machining and grinding of solid shims while offering comparable or even greater accuracy. It also replaces stacks of foil thereby avoiding the problems of this type of shimming.

  •   High quality and
      high peelability

    Jicey's peelable shims are CNC machined, made perfectly to measure, to your drawing, dimensions and specifications and available in a wide range of materials (steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and titanium) to meet all your requirements.

  •   Thinness of layers
      from 0,025 mm to 0,2 mm

    laminated peelable shims are shims for high accuracy adjustment. Each basic leaf may be peeled off very easily, until the exact thickness desired is obtained. Dual composition also enables ease of use and reduction in costs.

peelable shim

Althermill laminated peelable shims are shims for high accuracy adjustment. Consisting of a stack of basic metal leaves.


peelable shim

Alkomposit laminated peelable shims are shims for high accuracy adjustment. Consisting of a stack of basic composit leaves.


peelable shim

Shimpack separable shims are adjustment shims consisting of a stack of basic leaves joined together by points of adhesive on the edge. They can be peeled off very easily by hand, without tools.


Solid &
thin shim

Solid shims, whether ground or otherwise, consist of a compact material of predetermined thickness. They are used in all cases in which there are significant stresses (vibration, tension, shear forces, etc.)



Whether peelable (Lamipack) or solid (Singlepack), standard shims are often used for the alignment of transmission shafts between an engine and a load.



Jicey is a manufacturer and controls a complete range of production methods. We can therefore satisfy all your requests quickly and in the best way. The computerisation of all the data,
from the preparation of the estimate to delivery enables us to be particularly responsive and best satisfy your imperatives of quality, traceability and rapidity.

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